Depending upon your viewpoint, Twitter can be a huge source of information or a big waste of time. Here at SDxCentral, we keep an eye on the Twitter feeds of many top tech companies, key executives, analysts, and engineers because we think Twitter sometimes provides unique insights into the industry, occasional news tips, and other random tidbits.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 executives that we think are worth a follow, be it for their sound advice, humor, or news tips. Of course, we hope our readers are already avid followers of SDxCentral’s twitter account @SDxCentral.

An industry veteran, Beal has worked at Nokia, Juniper Networks, and Brocade. He is now a senior director of VMware’s network functions virtualization (NFV) architecture and business development group. Beal tweets with frequency about cryptocurrency, key information, and other random facts.  He also interacts with his users about nearly all the technologies SDxCentral covers.

As the vice president of technology and strategy for cloud software at Juniper Networks, Bias shares a lot about OpenStack (of which he was a founding member), networks, DevOps, Internet, and the cloud. A lot of his tweets center around industry shows and sometimes his personal travels.

Casemore is the research director of data center networking at IDC, where he researches networking products and related technologies and platforms deployed in the data center. Casemore tweets about networks, the cloud, and his analysis and research on these topics.

Dixon, the Facebook software engineer, OpenDaylight TSC chair, committer-at-large, and lecturer at the University of Maryland, leverages his many roles on Twitter. He tweets, retweets, and discusses the topics of Silicon Valley, research in the realm, and everything in between.

Herrod is a managing director at General Catalyst, a venture capital firm. Herrod previously worked as the CTO of VMware. He currently holds investments in Menlo Security, Illumio, Contrast Security, and Anomali. On Twitter, Harrod tweets about tech investments (both his own and others), including new rounds of funding, where investing is heading, and general conversations and snippets about technology.

Jassy has been the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for 21 years. He tweets almost exclusively about the company. Follow him if you are interested in company updates, milestones, and what he finds “cool” about data and cloud computing.

Kearns is currently the executive director of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, coming from the product management team of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and product management at Verizon. Follow her for updates on  IT industry news as well as news about women in STEM.

As the co-founder and co-chair of ONUG, and as a researcher and analyst, Lippis founded Lippis Enterprises, which publishes The Lippis Report. On Twitter, Lippis tweets and shares ONUG news and updates as well as the occasional insight into cloud, container networking, analytics, and software-defined anything.

Oltsik is the senior principal analyst at ESG and founder of the firm’s cybersecurity service. He frequently writes “cybersecurity snippets” for CSO Online and for The Cipher Brief. Following Oltsik on Twitter is a good way to keep up with all of his analysis, cybersecurity opinions, and research.

If you are interested in following the 5G deployment battles among the wireless operators, you will definitely want to keep up with Neville Ray, the colorful CTO and EVP of T-Mobile US. Ray often breaks news on Twitter. He also provides frequent updates on T-Mobile’s network and conducts live chats with his 12.4K followers on the social media network.

Reed is the senior vice president of products in Cisco’s enterprise networking business. He’s the person to follow for cybersecurity insights and news, and to keep up with Cisco’s views on that area. Reed often throws out tips to keep your networks and devices secure from impending threats.

As a 20-year Cisco employee, Robbins was named CEO of Cisco in 2015. Robbins, with his 32.4K followers, tweets about everything under Cisco’s umbrella including the latest news announcements. He also likes to tweet from the various places he travels and talk about a number of charitable endeavors.

Ulevitch joined Cisco as its vice president of the security business group when the cloud security company he founded, OpenDNS, was acquired by Cisco. Tweeting to his 13.2K followers, Ulevitch caters to enterprises and consumers alike, while speaking on everything from his charity (he’s on the board of the Tony Hawk Foundation) to investing. He also tweets about cloud and security news and opinions.

Vestberg is the executive vice president and CTO of Verizon and is the former CEO of Ericsson. Follow Vestberg to keep up with 5G and Verizon updates. Vestberg is also a handball enthusiast, so as an added bonus you’ll get updates on the Swedish Olympic Committee, which Vestberg chairs.

Wright is the vice president and chief technologist at Red Hat. He has been a Linux Foundation developer for 15 years. Wright works with a number of other open source projects including OpenDaylight, OpenStack, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. He is the person to follow for opinions on open source, Kubernetes, and information on Red Hat.

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