Google today said its Cloud Dedicated Interconnect is now generally available and ready for production-grade workloads. With Cloud Dedicated Interconnect customers can extend their on-premises network to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The product was initially launched September 7 and was in beta previously. It allows Google to better compete against Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, both of which already offer similar direct connections: AWS Direct Connect and Azure Express Route.

Dedicated Interconnect now also supports Cloud Router Global Routing, a new feature that allows subnets in GCP to be accessible from any on premises network through the Google network.

“This feature presents a new flag in Cloud Router that allows the network to advertise all the subnets in a project,” wrote John Veizades, product manager of Google’s Dedicated Interconnect, in a blog posting today. “For example, a connection from your on premises data center in Chicago to GCP’s Dedicated Interconnect location in Chicago now gives you access to all subnets running in all GCP regions around the globe, including those in the Americas, Asia and Europe. We believe this functionality is unique among cloud providers.”

Dedicated Interconnect is also available from four new locations: Mumbai, Munich, Montreal, and Atlanta. Google is also working with Equinix to offer Dedicated Interconnect access in multiple markets across the globe.

Dedicated Interconnect can be configured to offer a 99.9 percent or a 99.99 percent uptime service level agreement.

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