Fujitsu is expanding its Enterprise Cloud Service K5, and it has chosen Nokia’s Nuage for its Virtualized Services Platform (VSP), which will provide the software-defined networking (SDN) overlay across the cloud service.

K5 provides enterprise customers with a variety of cloud services, including public cloud, virtual private hosted cloud, dedicated cloud service, and dedicated on-premises private cloud. Fujitsu’s cloud service is built on OpenStack, using both virtual machine (VM) and bare metal services. The bare metal services are managed by OpenStack Ironic.

Hussein Khazaal, VP of marketing and technology partnerships at Nuage Networks, said Fujitsu’s work with OpenStack Ironic is important for a lot of enterprise customers because not all enterprise applications run on VMs. Many are still running on bare metal servers.

“OpenStack Ironic enables them to provide VM speed and deployment for physical servers,” said Khazaal.

Fujitsu is pitching a lift-and-shift model to its enterprise customers, encouraging them to move their workloads from bare metal servers on their own premises to bare metal servers in K5. Khazaal said this step “reduces friction.” Then Fujitsu can work with its customers to decompose their applications and run them in VMs or containers. OpenStack provides consistency throughout the process.

Nuage’s SDN

Nuage’s SDN overlay will help Fujitsu expand its K5 cloud-based services beyond its current data centers in Japan, Europe, and North America, to new centers in Singapore and Australia.

“They have 25 data centers spread around the world and thousands of servers,” said Khazaal. “The SDN layer supports that. It supports the 25 physical data centers with that VSP, and they can add more data centers and that would be seamless.”

Khazaal added, “You don’t want to stitch platforms for global customers. The important part is to provision services across data centers. Also, we can support multiple customers using the same infrastructure. For Fujitsu, they have one team that manages all the data centers.”

Fujitsu will begin its K5 transformation, starting in early 2018 with its data center in Japan.

Sunil Khandekar, CEO of Nuage Networks, said in a statement: “The Fujitsu K5 IaaS service is unique for its early support of the emerging OpenStack Ironic project, which provides support for bare metal services.”

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