Download the Huawei Case Study, “Enhancing Digital Business Ecosystems with Huawei Cloud Open Labs”.

If telecom operators want to remain relevant and competitive in today’s evolving digital world, they will have to face the prospect of a digital transformation—and to do so, they will need to upgrade from their rigid legacy business systems to a digital-first environment. This new value-driven business model must be offer customers a real-time, on-demand, all-online, DIY, and social (ROADS) experience.

In a new series of case studies, Huawei outlines an all-cloud business strategy to achieve the ROADS goal. An all-cloud strategy helps operators deliver high-quality user experiences while accommodating rapid expansion and innovation. On their all-cloud journeys, however, operators face challenges such as multi-vendor standards integration, seamless migration from old to new networks, and the ability to implement a smart digital transformation in a short timeframe.

The case studies demonstrate how Huawei’s consulting and systems integration services capabilities have enabled operators to overcome these key challenges:

  • Ooredoo Case Study. Ooredoo underwent an information and communication technology (ICT) transformation, implementing NFV technology via a multi-vendor approach. Huawei used its NFV OpenLab in Xi’an to develop ICT solutions and ensure seamless E2E integration.
  • China Telecom Case Study. China Telecom wanted to embark on a network transformation while reducing costs, improving openness, and driving innovation. In conjunction with China Telecom, Huawei Cloud Open Labs’ SDN experts completed various product designs and innovate program verifications.
  • HKT Limited (HKT) Case Study. HKT faced intense competition from operators and market erosion by OTT players. HKT and Huawei worked together on Project Earth, a real-life project on ROADS experience-driven operations and infrastructure transformation. Huawei Cloud Open Labs provided pre-validation of new solutions and services. After verification, the new services were deployed in HKT’s environment.

These industry successes have gained market recognition, including Best Validation/Certification Program and Most Successful Deployment of NFV. The partnership with China Telecom’s Network Restructuring OpenLab also received a commendation for its Telecom Transformation. The case studies demonstrate how Huawei Cloud Open Labs are improving the capabilities of the new digital ecosystem, helping businesses on their unique digital transformations.

Download the Huawei Case Study, “Enhancing Digital Business Ecosystems with Huawei Cloud Open Labs”.

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