Thanks to all who joined us for the Big Switch Networks APM/NPM Report Webinar: Work Smarter, Not Harder – How to Use a Next-Gen NPB for greater ROI from your APM/NPM Tools. During the webinar, Big Switch Networks discussed how Big Mon integrates with leading APM/NPM tools, and how to integrate an SDN-based NPB solution into your APM/NPM strategy. After the webinar, we took questions from the audience. Read the full Work Smarter, Not Harder – How to Use a Next-Gen NPB for greater ROI from your APM/NPM Tools Q&A below. 

Does the cloud monitoring require agents to be placed alongside the virtual instances to capture traffic? Or is it all driven by an API?

Salman Zahid: It depends on a cloud platform. Some cloud platforms expose all the necessary monitoring configurations via API (e.g. VMware) and some do not (Openstack, public clouds). So, vendors may choose to implement different solutions depending on what type of monitoring features exist for a given cloud platform. API based configurations are more secure and require less resources.

How can we accomplish E-W monitoring for VMware workloads, the traffic that is not visible on the wire?

By leveraging the VMware virtual switch monitoring capability. Where monitoring platforms can help is to automate the configuration across large number of servers and completely eliminating any manual configuration for monitoring regardless of the type of network implementation in VMware (NSX, vDS).

Does the analytics platform also provide data retention for network forensics? Does it support on-demand or continuous packet capture capabilities?

Yes. Network analytics platform retains metadata from the packet for the historical analysis. Further, analytics platform can be paired with large scale storage systems for traffic forensics.

What are the processing limitations such as needing to add a new device?

The system is designed to consume data from 100s to 1000s of sources and a metadata footprint from a single device does not have a significant impact on the platform resources.

Big Switch Networks APM/NPM Report Webinar

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